Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hey an Update!

Alright, it has been awhile since I last updated here on Games and Life. But, I have a very good reason. I got addicted to WoW! So, instead of turning this into my WoW’s characters’ blog I just took some time off. But a slew of 360 games have entered the area to battle for my free time and now I am juggling them and one DS game, working on my comic book and WoW.

So here is a quick rundown and some quick impressions of what I am playing now. First of all the reason I bought my 360 has landed in my hands and that is the Bioware space epic, Mass Effect. This game has lived up to the high and lofty expectations that I have placed on it. The story like all Bioware RPGs is very engrossing and what you decide during the course of the game affects the storyline. It is simply a gem. I’m such a sucker for WRPGs, which sadly are a dying breed. This makes Bioware one of my favorite companies out there today (EA DO NOT mess this up!) Graphics are beautiful, and faces are so detailed you can catch fidgets on NPCs faces when they are lying or talking about something they don’t want to talk about. Just simply amazing.

The other game eating up my time is NBA2K8. Back when the GAFcast was in full swing I gave NBA2K7 my GOTY vote, and 2K8 picks up where 2K7 left off. They even made the game better in almost all aspects. Also, the franchise mode got deeper they even added no trade clauses so even if you can get the team to say “ok” to a deal the player might evoke his no trade clause and screw it all up. Later in the season you can also scout the up-and-coming free agent market, and depending on your scouts skills you can learn if the player is about to decline or become stagnant. Gameplay has also been tightened up loads. Offense has become a bit easier but the computers’ AI has become better so it balances out. With Mass Effect giving me the epic that I want and NBA 2K8 giving the armchair GM in me what I want I am pretty much in heaven.

My last new title I am playing is Dragon Quest IV. And to be honest I have played about 15 minutes of it and can’t really give any impressions on it besides that it is an old school DQ game that looks to be pretty promising. I should get into on the flight back on to Seattle this winter break.

I also got Assassin’s Creed which has just gotten buried for now. I love how it looks and the controls seem pretty fresh to me. Kane and Lynch is on its way to the homebase, but most likely get to that until after Christmas. I will get reviews for these games up after I put more time into each of them. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgivings and all is well for the holidays.


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