Monday, September 3, 2007

A New Era Begins

Here it is the start of my blogging era! A little rusty on the game reviewing and whatnot, but still got the passion for it. Before I get into it all again I wanted to give a special “shot-out” to Gaming-Age ( where I got my big chance to write for a couple of wonderful years and got a chance to cover E3! Also, to NeoGAF ( which is where I have called my home for about 7 years and is simply the most amazing forum (in good and bad ways) on the planet never change guys and gals! Now that I opened that can of worms I have to say what’s up to some people by name because they might actual take the time to read my blog. So here it goes DDK, DCharlie, JohnTV, Evilore, WasabiKing, BishTL, and the rest of the modsquad, Phoenixdark, Beezy, DarienA, the whole NBA clique (even the Spurs fans!), Lyte Edge and if I missed anybody it’s because I am tired of typing names but you still rock.

Like I said before I started rattling off names like Stevie Wonder winning some sort of award. I was about to explain what this blog is. It is mostly about games; reviews and random opinions of what I am playing! Later I am going to whip up some impressions of some cool titles I have been rocking lately; that’s Bioshock for the 360/PC (this is one of the few games that lives up to the hype) and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS.

So check back in a day or two because right now I have to save Zelda, again.


ddk said...

Whoa! Welcome to the blogging world! Looking forward to some hawt hawt reviews! You going to TGS this year?

BlackAce said...

haha I am going to try to get there. Depends on work. But I need to go. Getting ready to post a Bioshock review, please tell me you played that game Mr. too-busy-for-any-gaming

AJ Qureshi said...

There is only one era. The Nick Collison era.

- The Stealth Fox

BlackAce said...

Leaving bodies in his wake Nick Collison is a god among men... I kill 2 hamburgers a week in his honor!