Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's on the plate

Just a quick little update on my gaming as of late. Well in full WoW mode right now, after Bioshock other consoles seemed a little bland, and I needed something epic to keep me going. My DS is getting a steady diet if Zelda and Rune Factory. And I want to say something about Rune Factory right quick; it is basically an offline MMO. I am aiming to write something up for that as well. My comic is taking a lot of time from gaming and writing about, but I will get some more stuff up. Also speaking of farming games (Rune Factory) I picked up the Wii version of Harvest Moon today, and plan to get some time in on that as soon as possible; I just love doing chores in video games!

Also, Halo 3 is getting ready to launch soon. Can’t say I am really excited, but I am sure I will buckle and pick it up in hopes that I won’t suck at it like I have throughout the first 2 games. Ok that’s about all for now, just a quicky for now!

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